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What Does Your Business Look Like in 5 Years?

Do you know what the future of your ecommerce business looks like? Do you know how big you will have to grow in order to meet your profit goals? Do you know how long it will take to get you there? Do you know what’s holding you back? As experienced ecommerce CFOs, we’ll help you set defined targets for growth and put the steps in place to reach them.

Leading ecommerce CFO Services

Get Fortune 500 Growth Without the Price Tag

You don’t need to spend $400k a year to get expert ecommerce consulting.

Gain a Financial Coach

We're here to give you the hard facts of where and how your ecommerce business can improve. Have a tough decision to make? We should be the first advisor you call!

Dive Into Strategic Planning

Ecommerce can be a crowded market with growing competition. Our job as CFO is to help you strategically grow and expand your business using profit-first methods we've proven to work.

Forecast For The Future

Have specific goals that you want to hit for your business (and life)? We’ll help you set up meaningful financial KPIs, financial projections, and revenue strategy to make sure you’re on track to get there.

Set Up to Scale

It’s impossible to grow without getting the little things right. At Equivion, we know what works and what doesn’t, and can help you fine-tune operations in order to scale.

Plan Your Exit Strategy

Your dedicated CFO will help develop a strategy for taking your ecommerce business forward. Whether that's through expansion or a strategic exit, we'll craft the roadmap to help get you there.

Is It The Right Time For a Financial Coach?

First, we’ll want to make sure you have up-to-date and timely financials each and every month. Then, even the smallest ecommerce businesses can benefit from our financial coaching services. From strategic planning, to budgeting, onto exit planning, we have varying levels of CFO and financial coaching available to bring meaningful value to your business.

Equivion vs. Traditional CFO

Wondering how we’re different to the traditional in-house CFO?

A fraction of the cost of traditional ecommerce CFOs

Years of specific industry experience

Unbiased, honest business advice

Salary of over $400K/year

Experience in various niches & industries

Beholden to employers & skateholders

How ecommerce CFO Services works

Here’s What You Can Expect with Equivion


We’ll review your existing financials

We'll develop a baseline of metrics and benchmarks going forward based on your individual business goals


We’ll set up best practices within your business

We’ll fine-tune your processes and operations to ensure that your business is primed and ready for growth


We’ll dive into forecasting, budgets, analysis & more

We’ll provide detailed metrics of how the business is performing. We’ll work together on budgets and forecasts, and bring solutions to any issues you have.


We’ll meet monthly to coach & review

We’ll continue to provide ongoing support through regular meetings, phone calls and email. We'll be your first point of contact for any tough decision.

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