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Simple tax processes. No surprise bills. Thousands saved in taxes. Our job is to make tax filing easy and clear, while helping you keep as much of your hard-earned dollars as possible.

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Been confusing & unclear

Tax compliance for ecommerce businesses can be especially tricky. We take care of any nuances and complexities, and explain things in a way that’s easy to understand.

Had no communication

Some accountants are all work and no talk. Not us! We’ll keep you in the loop on everything we’re doing and make sure you understand the “why” behind our work.

Not saved you much money

With our experience in ecommerce tax strategy and knowledge of industry deductions and credits, we make sure you pay as little tax as legally possible to Uncle Sam.

Our ecommerce tax accountants make tax season a breeze

You’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch to Equivion sooner.

Strategic tax planning that you can understand

You hire a tax accountant so you don’t have to learn about taxes. We get it. That’s why we explain the complex topics you need to know, like tax returns and tax savings strategy, in an easy to understand manner.

Save thousands of dollars on tax credit & deductions

At Equivion, we live and breathe ecommerce. We stay on top of changing regulations and pour ourselves over industry-wide tax deductions and credits to ensure that you never pay more in taxes than you’re legally obligated to do.

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LLC vs. S-Corp:
Could You Save More on Taxes?

Is your ecommerce business set up in the most tax-effective way? Use our quick calculator to see how much money you could save each year by switching from and LLC to an S-Corporation:

Work with ecommerce tax accountants who see the whole picture

At Equivion, we take care of your bookkeeping, tax filing, financial analysis, and more so that you can always make the smartest decisions for your business.

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Ecommerce Tax FAQs

Yes, we’ll prep and file your taxes for you as part of  Equivion Tax!

Once your bookkeeper completes your year end financials, your dedicated Tax Coordinator and Equivion Tax Advisor will facilitate the preparation, review, and filing of your income tax return. When it’s ready, we’ll reach out to you for the “all clear.” Then, we’ll file your taxes and pull funds directly from your account to pay any applicable taxes.

And since tax time stress isn’t limited to tax season, year-round tax advisory services comes standard. Our licensed tax professionals are on hand for all your tax planning needs. With check-ins throughout the year, your tax team leaves no deductions behind.

You have a couple of options for doing your taxes when you use Equivion.

The first option is to use Equivion Tax. Please note that tax preparation is not included in your Equivion Bookkeeping subscription – you must purchase Equivion Tax for those services.

The second option is to use a firm of your choice and have Equivion hand off your prepared books to them. This handoff is included in your Equivion Bookkeeping subscription at no additional cost.

Equivion Tax includes federal, state, and city level income tax preparation, Form 1099-NEC e-filing services, and unlimited email support for included deliverables.

Yes, we’ll generally want to take a look at the year’s books to make sure they meet our standards, but many of Equivion Tax customers started Equivion halfway through the year.

At this time, Equivion does not file personal income taxes unless you own a business that is subscribed to Equivion Bookkeeping.

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